When Boris Johnson announced the introduction of lockdown measures in March last year there were various unknowns. One thing that we did know is that we as a business would have to adapt and fast, just like our clients.

Like the majority of businesses, our staff swiftly packed their bags, cleared their desks, bundled their swivel chair into their car (or the Tube!) and decanted home. Little did we know that one year later, we would still be working from our makeshift ‘offices’ in bedrooms, kitchens and greenhouses.

For a period; time, traffic and life stood still while we nervously awaited the onslaught of ‘Covid-19’. What subsequently unfolded created a seismic shock for the business community and life in general. Whilst the challenges presented have been unprecedented, Amey TPT has proactively sought to address these head on by continuing to support our staff and clients.

Below are some of the achievements from the last 12 months’ that we as a business are proud of, given the very real difficulties that we have all experienced:-



Our people are paramount and have shown an impressive degree of resilience and agility to adapt to a prolonged period of challenge and adjustment. To ease the challenges, Amey TPT has adopted flexible ways of working and have provided ongoing support and access to mental health and wellbeing resources.


Business Growth

Despite the ongoing economic challenges, we (Amey TPT) have grown our headcount with two new surveyor starts in Cardiff and Bristol. Whilst virtual staff inductions present obvious challenges both parties have fitted in seamlessly.


Industry Leaders

Throughout the pandemic we have provided strategic commercial advice to our clients with a focus on lease restructuring, rent relief, debt collection and emerging from ‘Covid-19’.

Amey TPT have unrivalled experience in the travel retail sector. This is endorsed by our ongoing involvement with Rail Delivery Group (RDG) where we continue to provide commercial advice to the transport sector with regard to the above property matters.

*Rail Delivery Group (RDG) represents GB’s passenger and freight rail companies as well as Network Rail and HS2.


Contract Wins

We successfully won a rail commercialisation tender with LSER (Southeastern) and have been retained as commercial management agents for an extended period. LSER form part of The Go-Ahead Group. We are thrilled to be continuing our longstanding relationship with LSER and are excited about the challenges ahead.

LSER’s network covers London, Kent and parts of East Sussex. The network comprises 164 no. stations and we are always keen to hear from parties with commercial proposals.


Adding Value

Amey TPT is more than your typical retail management agent and have extensive experience in managing a variety of commercial revenue streams.

In the last 12 months, we have continued to add value and secure revenue for our clients across a diverse mix of revenue streams. Below is a snapshot of the diversity of commercial activity that we have recently been involved with:-

  • We have secured 45 no. InPost Lockers for a transport operator. These were installed in Q1 2021
  • We have agreed 7 no. commercial lettings for a single client in Q1 2021, with businesses that are new entrants to the retail rail sector
  • We generated client revenue by accommodating a commercial photoshoot on a client’s multi-storey car park
  • We have completed lettings to a variety of clothing and food & beverage operators
  • We have accommodated short term lettings and pop ups with local independents and sole traders trialling new ventures
  • We have agreed the letting of a listed pub located at a train station (Q1 2021)
  • We have generated commercial income by accommodating various drone launches from a client’s car park premises, for the purpose of obtaining aerial photography.


Website Launch

We took the opportunity to review our company website during ‘lockdown’ and have now launched a new, much improved site that went live in April 2021 (https://tpt.amey.co.uk/).

Expect regularly newsfeeds and industry insights moving forward.



In addition to the above activities, an energetic cohort  from Amey TPT have found the time to put their energy to good use by taking part in the ‘Walking All Over Cancer Campaign’ and walking 10,000 steps (minimum) per day.

This generated an impressive fundraising total of £1,273 which will no doubt be put to good use. Business wide, Amey generated in excess of £30,000 for this fundraising campaign.


All of the above achievements are positive reflections of the resilience, experience and professionalism of our people.

Whilst success has been punctuated by obvious difficulties associated with ‘Covid-19’, we are enthused by how our team has responded and we are excited about emerging from ‘Covid-19’.

In the meantime, we will continue to proactively support our staff and clients.

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