In what is understood to be the first in UK, Decorum Vending have installed new vending machines which are fitted with Living Walls.   Decorum and their partners, Regency Design and phs Greenleaf have worked to create the living walls that are attached to the vending machines.  On average these plants will consume 4.6kg of carbon and produce 2.4kg of oxygen per wall, annually.  

The new A+ Rated vending machines provide customers with a range of cold drinks, snacks and healthier offerings. This new generation of machines use 54% less electricity than the company’s previous machines and come standard with upgraded HC refrigerants, have minimal Global Warming Potential and Zero Ozone depletion potential.   These machines are fitted with a 7 inch touch screen that provides the customer with nutritional information of the product being selected and allows the customer to purchase multiple products within a single transaction.

Declan Sewell, Managing Director of Decorum said, “I am delighted to have installed the first of our new machines with living walls at Bournemouth station.  We are confident that customers will be attracted not only by our larger product range and customer friendly machines but also by our strides towards sustainability.   Our new machines and living walls are part of our commitment to improve energy efficiency and environmental impact.   We have recently started an exercise of replacing all of our other vending machines on the South Western Railway estate with the latest technology.  Combined with South Western Railway’s work to reduce carbon and increase recycling, Bournemouth station is a perfect location to launch the first of these machines fitted with the living walls.”     

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