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Case Study Background

YEEP! is a deep residential network of open, agnostic, battery powered parcel lockers, allowing all carriers and all consumers to pick-up and drop-off parcels in the heart of their local communities- in an eco-friendly and convenient way.
YEEP! operates as a high-density, hyper-local parcel delivery network, using a highly focused data driven model to guide location selection in order to meet its ambition of 90% of people being within 250 metres “slipper distance” of a YEEP! locker.

AmeyTPT Input

Working with LockerQuest to formulate a robust security process to enable the roll out of lockers on SETL stations
• Liaising with the station teams to facilitate surveys at over 100 stations on SETL
• Liaising with various SETL stakeholders for the approval of locker locations and site specific RAMS for installation


The roll out of over 60 lockers in 3 months across the SETL estate


Jonathan White, CEO of LockerQuest, says: “Thanks to Amey TPT, we were delighted to facilitate an agreement between YEEP! parcel lockers and Southeastern Trains. We have worked with Amey TPT to identify locations for YEEP! parcel lockers and the stations selected where based on where people live and go.
The programme has been very successful based on the governance that Amey TPT follows. From our initial list of stations that met the criteria of a YEEP! locker location, our surveyors were able to follow a clear set of rules regarding station safety and operational activities resulting in excellent conversion rates for final installation.”

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