LockerQuest, the parcel locker location experts, has been working with Amey TPT for the installation of YEEP! parcel lockers across 50 Southeastern Train Stations.

YEEP! is a deep residential network of open, agnostic, battery powered parcel lockers, allowing all carriers and all consumers to pick-up and drop-off parcels in the heart of their local communities in an eco-friendly and convenient way. 

The YEEP! parcel locker service is already live across a number of locations, with over 400 lockers anticipated this year, including the 50 which can be found at Southeastern stations. The parcel locker network will grow to 1,000 by Q2 2024 and with further plans to install 10,000 across the entire UK.

YEEP! operates as a high-density, hyper-local parcel delivery network, using a highly focused data driven model to guide location selection in order to meet its ambition of 90% of people being within 250 metres “slipper distance” of a YEEP! locker.

The easy to install and maintenance-free battery-powered lockers are available to all UK carriers, retailers and local authorities and offer convenient 24/7 parcel drop-off and pick-ups, significantly cutting the carbon footprint associated with conventional courier deliveries.

Jonathan White, CEO of LockerQuest, says: “Thanks to Amey TPT, we were delighted to facilitate an agreement between YEEP! parcel lockers and Southeastern Trains. We have worked with Amey TPT to identify locations for YEEP! parcel lockers and the stations selected where based on where people live and go.”

“The programme has been very successful based on the governance that Amey TPT follows. From our initial list of stations that met the criteria of a YEEP! locker location, our surveyors were able to follow a clear set of rules regarding station safety and operational activities resulting in excellent conversion rates for final installation.”

Following the success of Southeastern, LockerQuest are already working with other Amey TPT portfolio managers to identify further opportunities on the rail estate.

Noël Shapton, CEO and founding Director at YEEP!, says: “I am thrilled to bring our pioneering parcel delivery solution to locations throughout the UK including many across the rail network. We’re going further and faster and have big ambitions to become the largest, most sustainable agnostic parcel locker network in the UK within a very few years, working with LockerQuest really helps to support our growth plans.”

“The LockerQuest team is very knowledgeable and work closely with the YEEP! team to ensure locations are where people live and go. They know what makes a perfect YEEP! location and have provided some excellent places for our lockers to operate. Being positioned in the heart of many local communities, railway stations are high footfall locations and provide convenient access to parcel lockers for both commuters and people that live close by.”

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