Veggieberg have now opened their second retail unit on South Western Railway stations.   Following success serving customers at Raynes Park, Veggieberg opened on 6th June to serve customers using Weybridge station.  

The wellness-focused and plant-based company known for the popular ginger and fruit shots along with their range of hot drinks and snacks opened within the booking hall at the station.  The retail unit has added vibrancy and a positive welcome for customers as they arrive to take their train.       

The retailer started their business at farmer’s markets and acting as a suppler now has two own branded retail units.  A third shall be opened following consents to serve the London bound platform at Raynes Park.

Owner, Sylwia who created and developed the brand's unique taste said, “we are very pleased to be open at Weybridge station and able to provide new customers who may not be aware of Veggieberg with our range of products.   We have already had numerous positive comments.  We are excited to get to know our new customers and they get to sample the goodness and tastiness of the products we sell.”

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