None of us could have predicted that as we settled back into a little bit of normality and commuters started slowly returning to stations that we’d find ourselves back in a winter of uncertainty. If the last 2 years have taught us anything it's that our tenants are resilient and will continue to move forward and our team will explore all new opportunities that the ever changing landscape opens up.

From November 21 we have completed 44 new agreements bringing many new entrepreneurs to the rail environment, be it to serve the undeterred commuters or the local community.

We’ve expanded many businesses into new sites and looked for ways to evolve how a station can be used.

We’ve helped businesses open new coffee shops, both inside and outside of stations, supported clients with operational property agreements, bought new retail concepts to life and even made sure a local carol concert could go ahead in a drive in venue to the delight of the local community!

We continue to be proud of our peoples creativity and our tenants drive and enthusiasm and the Spring is already shaping up to deliver many more exciting new openings. Stay tuned!


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