Crystal Wicca has recently opened at Hayes Station and it is a big bubble of wellness incorporating ethically sourced crystals, homeware and wellbeing workshops. Hannah started her business several years ago after suffering with her own health and she realised how important a holistic and spiritual approach can be and we are thrilled that she has chosen Hayes Station for her first shop.  Hannah told us ‘I have spent several years studying the scientific perspective of crystals and how they can be one of our greatest healing tools. I also teach workshops on this, as well as guided meditations, which are a great way to escape the rat race of life and learn to listen to your body. In my shop you will also find a range of Tarot and oracle cards, wellness journals and books as well as natural candles and soaps. Something for everyone! I look forward to welcoming you to the shop, even just for a chat!’

"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it." ~ Einstein

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