Cook, the upmarket frozen food retailer, launched 2 new vending machines at Orpington and Bromley South stations in March as part of a trial with Decorum Vending. The 2 machines are the first in a travel hub for Cook who are based in Sittingbourne in the heart of South Eastern’s network.

“We are trying to catch commuters as they come off the train with the ‘what’s for dinner?’ question burning in their minds. Once they clock our vending machine is there, we hope it becomes a convenient habit that keeps them away from the takeaways and delivery services’ says Ben Scott, Head of Vending and Catering at Cook.

Ben also said “Working with the team at Amey, especially Claire Moir, alongside Decorum Vending couldn’t have been smoother, their efficiency and attention to detail was exemplary, along with their guidance for as we are new to this sector.  I think we both/all recognised that there was great brand recognition local to these stations,  especially with the commuters.  Amey recommended the two spaces in the station, and COOK made sure that the area looked super premium.  All in all a great partnership".

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