Welsh born brand Wilson and Bay Coffee Club have opened their newest site on Bearsted Railway Station. This marks their 4th store on the South Eastern Railway network.

Jonathan, creator of Wilson and Bay has a vision to bring commerciality that you’d expect from much larger national chains to community stations, with those professional aspects they are usually known for, such as consistency of service, yet with a more local and quality feel, such as artisan coffee, cakes and pastries.

They’ve reinvented Wilson & Bay especially for Bearsted, creating a brand new concept called Black Edition. It’s more minimal, stripped back, removing those sage green tones and opting for black and white in throughout the shop fit.

With Black Edition , we want to make it more personal, getting to know our commuters names, favourite drink forming a long lasting ‘coffee-lationship’!

Jonathan says, ‘’working with Amey TPT once again has been a positive one. Claire has been supportive and understanding through the process and shares our excitement each and every time we open a store. I would encourage anyone who’s got an itch to start a business on a railway station or work for yourself or simply make a difference to your community - get in contact with TPT. They are not your normal landlord management agent. Railway is the life blood of their whole operation and they’ll guide you through the entire process if you’re looking to start out. So take that chance. It might be the best decision you’ve ever taken’’

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