Following a successful trial at Hampton Court station, Ape2o have recently installed water bottle replenishing machines at Richmond, Wimbledon and Vauxhall stations.  The new machines will provide customers using the stations with the opportunity to replenish their water bottles as they travel through the stations.

Ape2o are committed to reducing single use plastics.  Customers not only assist by replenishing their own bottles but 10% of all sales fund ocean, beach, river clean ups and conservation projects worldwide.

The machines use a three-phase, advanced filtration system and ultra-violet light to clean and sterilise the water, removing any impurities down to the molecular level and dispensing it hygienically as people can’t touch the water source. Customers pay just twenty-five pence for each half litre of chilled or sparkling, ultra-filtered water at the machines and fill-up using either their own water containers, reducing the use of plastic bottles, or they can buy stainless steel plastic-free ape2o bottles.

Anthony Newman, Managing Director of Ape2o said, “We are delighted to be partnering with South Western Railway and expanding the number of stations where customers may use our services.   We’ve already saved more than 150-thousand plastic bottles from ending up in oceans and landfills with our current machines. Our partnership with South Western Railway will now help us to reach millions more passengers, showing them how ditching the plastic can be a force for good. We bring the same benefits as bottled water such as convenience, purity, and trust, but without the plastic and at a fraction of the cost. It’s time to go ape2o!”

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