This project involved:
Transport for Wales

Case Study Background

As part of taking over the Core Valley Lines network and energising the South Wales Metro, Transport for Wales and Amey Infrastructure Wales Limited have encountered a significant number of boundary irregularities across their estate. In many instances it is apparent that a third party has taken and currently is occupying the railway land, known as an encroachment. In some cases, these encroachments are causing significant delays and hampering progress on installing equipment for electrification of line, creating major project and safety concerns. Boundary matters  such as this fall in as part of TPT’s portfolio management contract, and as such we have been working with the clients to understand the scale of the problem and resolve as many of these matters as possible.


AmeyTPT Input

  • TPT manage the process of investigating encroachments, this includes tracking sites, writing letters, attending site, reporting on the boundary and whenever possible resolving the matter through a lease, sale, or surrender
  • TPT have provided a review of current case law for adverse possession, and track any new cases coming up in order to best understand the client’s options for escalating cases where a sale or lease cannot be agreed

TPT review sites with multiple teams across both client organisations in order to determine all risks associated with an encroachment, and thus prioritise sites for escalation accordingly.


  • TPT collaboration with trackside teams have identified over 150 sites of encroachment and all sites are being investigated
  • TPT have attended 100+ sites for meetings with the encroaching parties to discuss the boundary and propose options to regularise with a sale or lease

TPT have coordinated and led a joint session with both client organisations to review the most high priority sites and create a procedure for escalating the boundary resolution to the courts when the encroaching party is uncooperative.

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