Thornton Heath Station



Thornton Heath station is in the London Borough of Croydon and serves both Southern and Thameslink services to London and Brighton.
The premises are on Brigstock Road at the front of the station enjoying passing non train user custom.


Information from the Office of the Rail Regulator stipulates that in 2015/2016 Thornton Heath Station had in excess of 3.856 million passenger entries and exits.
The unit is split over two floors with a newly installed mezzanine level and .measures 34.96 m2 (downstairs area 20.54 m2, upstairs area 14.41m2). There is water, drainage and 100amp single phase power available.
It has separate toilet facilities (2.66m2).


A 6 year tri partite lease is being offered and will be subject to a landlord’s option to break on six months’ notice or 28 days in case of urgent station works. The lease will be excluded from the security of tenure provisions of the 1954 Landlord & Tenant Act. There will be a rent review on the third anniversary of term commencement. Standard Railway Lease Terms will apply. The lease will not permit assignment or sub-letting.
The incoming tenant will be expected to pay approximately £2500 plus vat for landlord and superior landlords costs associated with the grant of this lease.


We are inviting over £20,000 plus vat per annum with a turnover based % rent.
Business plans detailing previous experience with visuals should be submitted with the financial offer.


The tenant will be responsible for all utilities, business rates and insurance.
Currently there is no service charge however the landlord reserves the right to introduce one in the future.


For viewings please contact -
Claire Moir
Email :
Tel : 020 7921 2932