Lewisham Station

Mobile Catering Opportunity to Let


Lewisham station is situated in the London Borough of Lewisham. The station is served by services operated by SouthEastern with services to and from London and has a DLR station adjacent to the South Eastern operated platforms.


Information from the Office of the Rail Regulator stipulates that in 2015/2016 Lewisham Station had in excess of 10,595 million passenger entries and exits. The site is located outside one of the main pedestrian entrances to the station.
All set ups must be removed at the end of each trading day and can be powered by either certificated LPG or a silent diesel generator.
We are not looking for a gazebo / table set up here, only catering vehicles.


A 1 year licence is being offered and will be subject to a mutual option to break within 28. Standard Railway Lease Terms will apply. The licence will not permit assignment or sub-letting. The incoming tenant will be expected to pay approximately £350 plus vat for landlord costs associated with the grant of this licence.


The monthly licence fee is £1400 plus vat. A deposit of £2800 plus vat will be required.
Business plans detailing previous experience with visuals should be submitted in the first instance.


The tenant will be responsible for all business rates and insurance.


For viewings please contact -
Claire Moir
Email : claire.moir@amey.co.uk
Tel : 020 7921 2932

Nick Wyatt
Email : nick.wyatt@amey.co.uk
Tel : 020 7921 9585